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Papa Rich and I have an amazing daughter-in-law! GoodGrandma℠ would like to introduce and spotlight Hillary! Hillary joined the family six years ago, when she married Michael. Michael and Hillary currently have two absolutely adorable children. A few years ago, Hillary decided to combine two of her passions, photography and children. Hillary started taking black and white photos of family members and friends, and she has taken some pretty amazing photos! We would like to share some of her photos with you, as well as a few notes about Hillary from family members.

Hillary loves kids and shows that love to them in a simple and unconditional way. Because of this, they are happy to sit in front of the camera for her. She has a gift at inspiring them to shine in her lights and at capturing their true personalities. I think this is because the kids feel so comfortable with her kind and matter-of-fact way of sharing her love with them. – Laura

Hillary has a gift! She can capture the personality of the child she’s photographing. I was in the room with my kids while she was talking their photos and I was blown away at her abilities. And I cherish the photos she has take of my kids! When I got them back I couldn’t stop staring at them. She’s the best! – Mary

Hillary has always had a special connection with children. As she has continued to grow in her photography abilities, it’s no surprise that she has a gift of capturing children in photos. She somehow manages to capture the perfect photo even when it seems impossible. I love how she’s been able to show my girls different personalities through their photos. – Jenny

Hill is a natural when it comes to taking pictures! Whether it be of her own kids or others, it’s something that just comes to her! She has an eye for great angles and ideas, I’m always in awe of her creativity on even just her own instagram photos! But she’s also a natural with kids and that shows through on all the amazing portraits she took of them! I got to watch her with a few different sets of kids and she knew just how to get them to participate. She’s a talented thing, that’s for sure! We sure love our Hilly and think she’s pretty amazing! – Miranda

We are so fortunate to have our own family photographer! Papa Rich and I love Hillary’s work, especially the pictures of our grandkids. We love you, Hillary, and we are grateful you are part of our family!

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