Aunt Catherine

We just recently celebrated Mother’s Day. Everyone has a mom, right? That’s how we get here. However, not all women have the opportunity to be a mom, or a grandma. It’s important for Moms and Grandmas to nurture, teach, and help the next generation, but it’s not just moms and grandmas who can influence children. GoodGrandma℠ would like you to meet Aunt Catherine.

Catherine is the oldest of three girls. Her sisters are five and six years younger than her. They had loving and religious parents who cared for them. Their father tragically passed away a young age. Catherine was only 24 years old at the time. Nineteen years later, the girls lost their mother. Catherine said her mother taught her the importance of good manners, as well as dressing for the occasion. Good advice! Following their mother’s passing, Catherine and her sisters became closer as sisters, as well as friends.

Catherine is “Aunt Catherine” to four nieces and two nephews. She is Godmother to two of the six. She is also Godmother to a dear friend’s two children. Catherine babysat children from the time she was 13 years-old, for over ten years. She also nannied in New York City. This is when GoodGrandma and Catherine met, many many years ago!

Catherine has worked as a preschool teacher and a cruise director. Currently, she works as an activities professional in long term care. She has worked as an activities professional, specializing in Alzheimer’s residents care, for almost 30 years. To say Catherine is a caring person is an understatement! She is all about loving others!

Catherine loves educating little ones about the importance of being kind to one another. She also loves teaching children how to use creative play. She recalled playing “Bank” with the boys she cared for in New York City. They would build their banks and stores out of blocks and boxes and then use pretend money to buy and sell their toys. They obviously learned something about money, as all four boys are extremely successful in their careers. We think an activities professional is a perfect fit for Catherine, don’t you think?

Aunt Catherine has influenced many children over the years, but as for her own blood relatives, she feels she has been a role model, with each one gaining something different from her. Whether it’s the importance of saving money, being spiritual, or being truly independent, she has motivated them all for good. When we asked Catherine what she felt is lacking in educating children today, she responded quickly with, “Children need to learn respect, and respect for those in authority.” We couldn’t agree more.

Catherine feels children need, first and foremost, mom and dad. But, she also believes that love can come from many different places. It can come from Mom or Grandma, Dad or Grandpa, as well as, Aunt, Sister, Uncle, Brother, Friend, Neighbor, or Teacher. Everyone needs people who love them! And we love you, Aunt Catherine!

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