My Daughter, Lauren

I would like to introduce my daughter, Lauren. The baby of my five kids, there are a total of 15 years between her and my first child. Lauren is a caboose of the kids and in the midst of the grandchildren. Lauren is younger than two of Richard’s grandchildren and the same age as two of them. Making for an interesting situation for her and me. Lauren is so good to share when the grandkids are over to play and is even more excited when they come for a long visit. In some ways, she has built in siblings/friends. I know it isn’t always easy for Lauren, it can be difficult to figure out where she fits in. For example, the grandchildren wall of pictures; Lauren asked multiple times to have her picture hung in age order with the “kids.” I was hesitant because, on another wall, we have the high school graduate pictures, where Lauren will have her picture hung in six years. But I gave in and finally hung her picture with the grandchildren’s pictures because she deserves to be represented too. I appreciate Lauren for being so willing to help with the younger grandkids and is always willing to join in on the fun when her “Mom” is being “Grandma.” I love you, Lauren!



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