Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating with family, friends, and most of all your grandkids! Papa Rich and I would like to share one last Christmas tradition. We buy pj’s for our kids, their spouses, and our grandchildren each year. Here are three IDEAS when it comes to Christmas pj’s.

  1. Christmas pj’s PAST
  2. Christmas pj’s PRESENT
  3. Christmas pj’s YET TO COME!

CHRISTMAS PAST: Papa Rich and I have learned to from the past to avoid the Christmas themed pj’s. They don’t get worn much. Instead, we give sweat pants, shorts, or comfy pajama bottoms. It’s important to be sure the purchase isn’t a waste of money. Jenny, bless her heart, has helped us choose pj’s in the past. We so appreciate her assistance and opinion. To aid with purchasing the correct sizes, we have created a master list of names with sizes for each individual, adjust sizes each year, as needed. Most of the time it’s just the children who need bigger sizes from the previous year. 😉 Keeping a master list helps.

CHRISTMAS PRESENT: This year we decided to try personalized shirts. Hopefully the shirts will be worn again, but if not, we sure had fun putting them together. With the help of ClassB, we designed a snowflake with all of our names. We think it turned out pretty darn cute! Yes, yes, we know, we went with a non-traditional Christmas color, orange, mixing things up a bit from previous years. Thanks to ClassB, we were able to buy shirts from size 6 months to XL! We highly recommend ClassB for family reunions, Grandma’s Camp, and any other group function where matching shirts make an event even better! In addition to the shirts, we also purchased gray pajama bottoms and/or joggers for everyone. It took some planning, counting, and organizing to get things right.

YET TO COME: Christmas yet to come, do we continue the tradition or make a change? Here are our thoughts…with any tradition, you want to keep it enjoyable for everyone. If a tradition needs to be tweaked, changed, or even cancelled, be flexible and roll with it. In other words, as our crowd continues to grow in numbers and finding a day to be together becomes more difficult, perhaps this is a tradition that will end? Certainly Papa Rich and I will reevaluate and make a decision next year.

Until then, from GoodGrandma℠, a Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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