Papa Rich and I would like to introduce our newest Furry Grand. We are so excited to welcome Pigeon to the family. We now have 12 dogs and two cats, as well as a few fish. Kiersten tells us Pigeon’s story.

While we were on a recent trip, a friend of mine found a kitten. The kitten huddled in her car engine, after driving all around town!!! She couldn’t keep the kitten and posted on Facebook to see if anyone was looking.

Todd and I had just stayed at an Airbnb with two cute kitties and had talked about how Sookie needed a baby sister. Then we saw my friends post and asked her to hold onto her for us until we got home!

We wanted to name her something from the trip. We talked about Fyvie after our favorite castle, Henrietta for the Scottish haunted castle, or even just London. But, we decided on Pigeon. Why? Our first day in Edinburgh, we were walking along an alley and got pooped on (a LOT) by a pigeon, and supposedly that’s good luck. 😂

Pigeon’s Mom, Kiersten

GoodGrandma℠ had to get Pigeon something to welcome her to the family. What better item for Pigeon than a book about Pigeon. Pigeon, the kitten, joined a family of two dogs and one cat, big sister Sookie. So, we gave her the book The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems. We love Mo Willems books. We thought Uncle Todd and Aunt Kiersten could share the story with their nieces and nephews when they come to visit Rusty, Luna, Sookie, and of course, Pigeon. 🐦 👵🏻🧡💡

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