Thank you to all our April Guest Grandmas! We had so many great ideas/posts. From Grandma Darlynn we learned about her teaching her grandkids preschool and the letter Dd! From Grandma Connie, we learned about her 70-year-old grandmother chaperoning her dance team’s week-long trip and how she always had a piece of Juicy Fruit in her purse for us grandkids. From Momma Love, we were given the idea that sometimes experiences are better than “things” for holidays and birthdays. From Grandma Von, we learned about her two traditions of taking pictures whenever they are together and of tracing their handprints inside each other to see how big everyone is getting. From Grandma Mammie, we discovered ways to play outdoors indoors:) and her love of reading with her grandson. From Grandma Karen, we were taught how to bond with grandchildren who live far away and teaching them a new craft. Last, but not least, we had an awesome idea from Grandma Judy about if you have only one granddaughter inviting a cousin to join in for a special Pink Picnic.

Thank you, thank you, to all of you! We love you!

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