Guest Grandma & A GoodGrandma Spotlight

GoodGrandma℠ would like 2019 to be the year we learn about more amazing Grandmas out there! We are a safe, and grandma friendly format, for sharing good IDEAS, as well as spotlighting your own remarkable Grandma.

BE A GUEST GRANDMA ~ Don’t be shy! I had the opportunity to visit with many Grandmas who have good IDEAS about grand-parenting. If you need assistance with putting your IDEAS down on paper (or computer), email me, I am happy to help!

SPOTLIGHT GRANDMA ~ Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit a story about their own Grandma. I’m sure you have a story or two about your own grandma which could inspire, uplight, or entertain us!

GoodGrandma is a place for anyone who loves children and wants the very best for them. GoodGrandma is our name and Giving Grandmas Good Ideas is our aim. Be sure to check out our past Guest Grandmas and GoodGrandma Spotlights!

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