Happy Father’s Day from everyone at GoodGrandma℠! We have a special treat today, we get to hear from several people, of whom I love dearly, about their dads. I will take the liberty of telling about my dad first.

Colleen ~ My dad is kind, funny, loving, silly, sensitive, considerate, and very intuitive. My dad taught me to be gracious to others, for example, he was always good about thanking others for their time or service. If he ever borrowed anything from anyone, he would return it in proper order if not better than when he received it. He has always been a good role model for me in showing kindness to others, not only through spoken words or actions but through writing as well. I can pick out my dad’s handwriting in a pile of papers, it’s his notes that mean the most to me. Even if they are just silly notes from our pretend Joe’s Bar and Grill. I love my dad very much and I want to wish him the happiest of happy days on this Father’s Day! I love you, Dad! Love, Bear

Rich ~ My father was Carlos E “Rusty” Rife. Rusty died in 1998 and I’ve missed him every day since. To know Rusty was to love him. He had a tremendous personality and sense of humor. He was friendly, charming, and inherently lovable. He was a hard worker and whistled while he worked. He made everyone who came in contact with him feel better. He loved his wife Gloria with all his heart, it was his greatest joy to help and support her. He was a great father who supported my brother and me in all our activities, never missing a sporting event or any other activity in which we participated. In his later years, he became a loving “Papa” to his 11 grandchildren. Rusty had the “gift of gab” and the knack for making friends. He could strike up a conversation with anyone and within a few minutes, you felt as if you had known him all your life. He loved people from all walks of life; he was nonjudgmental, and he treated everyone with the same love and concern. He spent much of his free time visiting the sick and comforting the lonely. He was generous in spirit and with his resources. When he thought I was doing something wrong, he told me in no uncertain terms, but he did it in a way that I could not get mad at him or doubt his unconditional love for me. He was good through and through, and it has been a great blessing in my life to be his son.

Connie ~ My Dad taught by example! I know that my love of country and respect for our flag are directly from the example my dad set. He always displayed the flag on holidays, treating it with honor and respect. He could have been deferred from serving during WWII but joined the Navy, cooking for servicemen on a troop carrier in the Pacific. At the end of the war, his ship was one of the first into Tokyo Bay and they loaded and saved the prisoners of war located there. He was very humbled by these men who had been in prisoner camps for 3, 4, and 5 years. Feeding them was his honor and joy.  I will always be grateful for the lessons he taught by living an honorable life. My dad’s birthday was always the same week, if not the same day, as Father’s Day. This Saturday is his birthday and it would be his 100th birthday if he were still with us. 

Bob ~ My father, Blaine, was born in April 1918, in Willard. As the oldest son, he worked hard on the family farm and because of that, he missed a great deal of school. He never had the opportunity to graduate from High School. He loved cars and his first car was an old 1929 Whippet, made by the Willis Company, a forerunner of today’s Jeep. He was taught by his mother and father to be honest and that his word was his bond. Dad always wished that he would have received a better education, and would always encourage my brother and me to obtain a good education. Nevertheless, he worked hard at various occupations, including an auto mechanic, an electrician at Hill Air Force Base, and as a heavy duty mechanic in Greenland. He always cared for our family and our needs. Dad did spend valuable time with my brother and me by taking us fishing, hunting, and always being there for us.

Jane ~ The sibling closest to me is 10 years older than me and by the time I was in school, my mom had gone back to work and my dad started to work from home so he was the one that hung out with me before and after school. We had so much fun together.  I remember talking and going to get treats. My dad was often referred to by my friends as a big old gummy bear.  We would always take trips with my Grandma and Grandpa, his mom and dad, to Yellowstone, Bear Lake, California, and Oregon. He loves to travel and meet new people. He is an amazing artist and loves to give my kids quarters for their artwork. They love it and makes them feel so important. He lived in France for a couple years when he was younger and because of that, he thinks he is a connoisseur of food. It’s hilarious and drives us all nuts! He has reached the age where food makes him incredibly happy so I love to sneak him things that he loves that my mom doesn’t always let him have. It’s why I am his favorite child! Obviously!! I love my daddy and am so grateful I am his daughter. 

Richard ~ My father was a good man. Kind and considerate of others. Willing to serve, as he did with a Moblie Book Trailer in California, taking various books and literature to the various people in the Stockton, California area. He was an excellent mechanic and was completely self-taught. I recall one time, which made me very proud: I was with the AFROTC Program at the University of Wyoming. I was assigned to summer camp at Hamilton AFB, just North of San Francisco, for one summer to do administration work for the cadets. My wife and children stayed with my parents in Stockton, California and I went home most weekend’s. On graduation day for the AFROTC Cadets, my parents, my wife, and our children came to Hamilton AFB. One of the instructors, from the University of Wyoming, asked about his Plymouth car not sounding right. I said my dad is here, he can listen to it for you and probably tell you what the problem is. Dad, with a long screwdriver, placed it next to the engine block and listened. I don’t recall the problem, but he told the instructor what the problem was and I was really proud of my dad for helping and advising on the problem. Based on my dad’s honesty and hard work, I have learned the same. Patience, long-suffering, compassion, and generosity. He was a great example of serving as a Camp Host for many years, each summer, cleaning the bathrooms and the fire-pits, and feeding the squirrels he encouraged to come to him for food. That’s my dad. I am proud of him, respect him, and love him for being my dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandpas, and Papas out there! And a special shout out to Dallin, who became a DAD again this week! Congratulations, Holly and Dallin!

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