Grandma’s have lots and lots of good ideas, and GoodGrandma is a place where Grandmas can share them! We are all about giving grandmas good ideas and we want to hear from you! Please share your activities, gifts, games, stories, and traditions you share with your grandchildren.

Here’s how to do a post on Guest Grandma:

  • Logon to GoodGrandma
  • Click on “Be A Guest Grandma” at the top right of the page
  • Follow the instructions on the Guest Grandma page

How to post on Guest Grandma:

•Type in your “grandma” name

• Add your email so we can contact you

• Give your post a title

• Write a paragraph or more about your post

• Add pictures or video (Add Media) to your post

• Push submit

GoodGrandma will then review your post and email you the date it will be published!

Don’t be nervous about what to write, just show off the fun you have with your grandkids. We have an editor who will proofread your submission and we will edit and email you any changes before we publish your post. We do like to have a photo of you, your grandkids, or the activity to add to your post. Thank you for being a part of GoodGrandma! We look forward to the Good Ideas from Grandmas everywhere!

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