Living far away from grandchildren is never fun! You want nothing more than to spend time with them and build a relationship with each of them. By no means is GoodGrandma℠ the expert on this subject, but we have gathered ideas that might help. Here are few of our suggestions when it comes to long distance grand-parenting:

    1. SCHEDULE VISITS: Have times scheduled throughout the year to go to their home and/or for your grandkids to come to your home, as often as your schedules and finances permit. Make the most of these visits. Plan ahead what few activities you would like to do, but be flexible. Find a reason to celebrate! Even if your visit doesn’t fall on or near a birthday/holiday. In the past I have made up holidays like “Happy Fakes-giving,” “Merry Makeshift Christmas,” and have celebrated birthdays weeks before the actual day. Whatever you do, make a memory and document it!
    2. TALK OFTEN: Whether you are visiting on the phone, sending emails, texting, using FaceTime or other video chats, be sure the grandkids hear from you. The App of the Month for November is Marco Polo, a video texting app. This is a form of communication that allows your grandchild to see and hear you on a daily basis!
    3. SEND MAIL/GIFTS: Snail mail is a fun way to stay connected. Getting letters in the mail is always a treat. I like to send stickers or a piece of gum with my notes. In addition to letters, it’s so easy to send a gift to grandchildren for a special occasion or just to let them know you are thinking of them. There are many options to choose from when sending gifts. Here are just a few: A Little BundleAmazonBright BoxHighlights for ChildrenKiwi CoLittle PassportsOriental Trading. You can also send a monthly book subscription of Early Moment books or Mine Chest through
    4. TAKE PICTURES: As mentioned above, document your visits. Take pictures and use them to make a video, scrapbook, photo album, picture book, framed picture, etc.. This makes it easy for your grandchild to relive the time spent with their grandparents. I’ve even thought about putting a picture of me with the grandchild on a pillowcase, so they see me every night as they go to bed. This may be pushing it too far, but anything to build a bond with grandkids, right?

We hope these few suggestion will help Grandmas and Grandpas to stay connected with their grandchildren. If you have additional suggestions, please share with us on social media or email us at or

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