GoodGrandma℠ is thrilled to spotlight Grammy Kristie. She is an outstanding mother of five and is Grammy to eight grandchildren. Well, number eight is due in December. Her grandchildren call her Grammy to honor her mother, who was also called Grammy, who they lost nine years ago.

Grammy Kristie’s oldest grandchild is almost three-years-old. Yep, that’s right, lots of little ones. Grandson, Eli, a twin, lived for two hours after being born. It was a tragic loss — all the more reason to love our grandchildren as much as possible. Life is fragile.

When Grammy Kristie became a grandma, she was very excited. Her oldest child struggled with infertility. When they finally announced the second round of IVF worked, grandson, Mason, was well on his way! 😌

Grammy Kristie shares her IDEAS about activities, traditions, and making memories with grandchildren.

One of the things that the older grandkids love to do is climb in grammy’s bed and read books together! We also like to take walks and look for “treasures.” We have a neighborhood “library” box down the street, which is a fun place to stop during our walks, choose a fun book, and sit on the bench to read it. I make sure I always have fun things for them to do while at Grammy’s house. Such as finger paints, watercolors, bubbles, insect magnifying glass, chalk, coloring books, sticker books, and of course lots of books to read!
I am in the process of developing some fun traditions. We have discovered fun times at the pumpkin patch, and I’m going to attempt cookie decorating this year with the older ones who are close enough to visit.
Matching jammies are a must at Christmastime. I like to give them a little treat bag for each holiday. The dollar store has become a great place to find fun, inexpensive items to put in their bags. I can already see that this tradition will have to be scaled down as more grandchildren arrive and as they get older. GoodGrandma has good ideas to help accommodate the growing numbers.

Grammy Kristie

When asked, Grammy Kristie’s response to discipline and grandchildren was, “I try to leave the disciplining to the parents as much as possible, but I think it is important that the grandkids understand what is appropriate and not appropriate at grammy’s house.” In addition to discipline, Grammy Kristie reminds herself she already raised her children and allow her children to raise their children as they see fit. She says, “Sometimes, that means keeping my mouth shut and only give advice when asked.” Good IDEA!

Long distant grand-parenting is tough. However, Grammy Kristie told us she tries to FaceTime as much as possible, calls often, and visits them whenever possible. Their travel budget revolves around visits to see the grandkids because they can’t get enough of them!

The legacy Grammy Kristie wants to leave her grandchildren is so sweet.

I want my grandchildren to remember me as the grammy who loved them unconditionally and who loved God and Jesus Christ. I want them to remember me as the grammy who LISTENED to them, really listened, when they had a story to tell, a problem to solve, a fun experience to share, These days, there are so many distractions that can interfere with real communication. I want them to remember that I was always available to them and that my house was full of good, fun memories. Being a grandma is the best thing ever, and the fun has only begun!

Grammy Kristie

Thank you, Grammy Kristie, for your IDEAS and for being out GoodGrandma Spotlight! You are an exceptional Grandma, full of love, and devotion. You are a GoodGrandma! 👵🏻🧡💡

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