GoodGrandma℠ is thrilled to spotlight Grammie Shauna! She has so many great IDEAS! Grammie is a mother of three children and Grammie to six grandchildren. Grammie Shauna and her sweet husband, known as Boppa to their grandchildren, lost their first child just before her third birthday. They struggled to have their first child, but to their surprise, as well as medical physicians, they were blessed with two more children.

Since Grammie had waited to be a mother, and longer than hoped to become a Grandmother, she was thrilled when she learned she would become a Grandma. She, and her oldest granddaughter, Katelynn, truly have a special bond. Grammie is proud of her six grandchildren and their many accomplishments. They range in age of 18 months to 13 years old.

Grammie is a retired elementary school teacher, and she has loads of IDEAS, fun activities, and traditions. In fact, she has IDEAS for every month of the year!

  • January ~ Annual tradition of a New Year’s Eve Party and New Year’s day lunch and movie.
  • February ~ Yearly help in Valentine’s preparations for school friends, surprises to grandkids from Grammie, and homemade Valentine bags to tote grandkids Valentines’ to school.
  • March ~ St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal for Grammie’s family! Grammie taught a history lesson about the holiday to all her students, and grandchildren as well!
  • April ~ Annual Easter Egg Hunt with money-filled eggs, and a “Golden Egg” with a large bill!
  • May ~ A family tradition is to take a Disneyland trip at the end of school and a special trip to Disneyland with Grammie and Boppa when they graduate from elementary school, as well as Memorial Day trips to the cemetery to remember loved ones.
  • June ~ Swimming lessons funded by Grammie and Boppa.
  • July ~ A celebration for our country’s birthday, with games, crafts, activities, and “human pinatas.” Two adults have play money, candy, and prizes glued all over a shirt. The adults run around the yard while the grandkids try to pluck off the prizes. The play money is exchanged into real money, which is deposited in the grandchild’s bank account.
  • August ~ Back to school preparations include buying five new outfits for each grandchild. Along with a new backpack filled with supplies.
  • September ~ Grammie volunteers in her grandchildren’s classrooms. After being a teacher for 25 years, she understands the importance of classroom helpers.
  • October ~ Grammie buys her grandchildren’s Halloween costumes. Many times they are themed. After school Halloween parades, they all meet at Grammie’s home for themed treats.
  • November ~ Grammie loves having a “cool kid table.” It’s so cool, even the adults want to sit there. Grammie also has games and activities for the kids so they feel important too.
  • December ~ One of Grammie’s favorite traditions is having magic stockings for her grandkids. Grammie has been given permission from Disneyland to have each child’s name embroidered with their name and MAGIC on the stocking. The stockings are filled with themed gifts two weeks prior to Christmas. The grandchildren know if they return their magic stocking to Grammie, it will magically be filled again next year.

For birthdays, Grammie has each of her six grandchildren select a birthday theme. Some have been a little tricky over the years, but Grammie comes through with decorations and wrapping paper to fit the request. Grammie and Boppa also give the birthday child five new outfits for the summer. (I’m ready to be adopted as a grandchild!)

When asked if Grammie’s grandchildren had a favorite book, this was her reply.

I asked my grandkids this question for their input, they immediately responded, “Enemy Pie,” by Derek Munson. The beautiful book deals with the subject of being kind to others and truly has impacted their lives with its powerful message. Another favorite is “Yes Day!” by Ann Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld which deals with the subject matter of “what do you call a day when every answer is yes?” The cute, little book, “Ish,” by Peter H. Reynolds, has long been another favorite no matter the age of the grandchildren. Since we are all Disney lovers, “The Big Little Book of Disney” by Monique Peterson, is a much-loved favorite. It is magical, not only because it is about Disneyland, but it is a thick book consisting of mostly pictures.

Grammie Shauna

In addition to Grammie and her grandchildren’s favorite books, Grammie also has a huge collection of children’s Christmas books. While she was teaching, she would take her students on a journey to eighteen different countries to experience “Christmas Around the World.”

GoodGrandma loved Grammie’s response to discipline. She and Boppa back their own children, but as a family, they are firm, fair, friendly, and loving. Consistency is the key to success in our family.”

Last, but not least, we asked what Grammie would most like her grandkids to remember about her.

More than anything else, I would like my grandchildren to know that they are always loved unconditionally, no matter what! My heart and home will always be open to them, and they will always be considered my greatest treasures. Also, I was always a ton of fun!

Grammie Shauna

And, that she is! Thank you, Grammie, for letting us Spotlight you! You are truly a GOODGRANDMA!

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