A GoodGrandma℠ Approved Product, MAGNETIC TILES! I was introduced to magnetic tiles by a granddaughter, who at age two had mastered the concept of building with them. I bought some for our own home for the grandkids to play with when they come to visit. They’re entertaining to build and create with, and if you have young grandsons, they are fun to build and crash down. Beau and I did a lot of that! We built homes, bridges for the train, letters, and shapes.

There are several brands of magnetic tiles. I first purchased LIRS TOYS Magnetic Building Blocks with alphabet tiles. These are great for learning the letters of the alphabet, but not for building. When I played with Raegan, age 4, we were disappointed we couldn’t spell her name (we needed two A’s). 😕

I then bought Skymags magnetic tiles through Rebate Key on Amazon. This set is $49.99, but through Rebate Key I saved $10.00. The set included 100 pieces. Magnetic tiles develop fine motor skills, promote visual-spatial awareness, expand imagination and creativity, encourage problem-solving and social skills, provide opportunities for mathematical exploration, and develop skills for reading and writing. Magnetic tiles are a GoodGrandma Approved Product. 👵🏻🧡💡

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