Our family had a chili cook-off and Halloween Costume Party on Sunday. We’ve done chili cook-offs in the past, but this year we decided to add costumes to the festivities. GoodGrandma℠ had a large gold medal for the best chili, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons, and a trophy for the best overall costume. This year’s chili competition had three entries. We had Jenny’s amazing white chicken chili, Kiersten’s flaming hot chili, and my traditional dump chili. Mary did cookies this year, instead of chili. Her cookies are the BEST!!! Mary took home the gold for the best chili two years ago. Perhaps she was giving the rest of us a chance to win. We also had corn bread muffins. They were Famous Dave’s Corn Bread Mix, and everyone loved them. This year’s winner was, drum roll please, Kiersten’s flaming hot chili. Kiersten went home with the gold medal and an empty pot. Her chili was de-lici-ous!!! If you’re wondering how to make dump chili, it’s easy! You dump in chili beans, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, some salsa, a few cans of chili, and add seasoning. It’s quick to make and a favorite at our house.

Not everyone participated in the costume competition, but those that did totally rocked them! We had a mobster, Where’s Waldo, a frog, a banana, Peter Pan characters, unicorns, Elsa from Frozen, super heroes, a Dominos dude, a cactus, a man, a blue man, Joy from Inside Out, a race car driver, Cat and the Hat story characters, Winnie the Pooh  characters, a pumpkin, a sales person from Target, and many more characters. Check out the pictures!!!

As far as prizes for costumes, everyone who participated got a reflector bracelet to use the night of Trick or Treating. The winners were: 3rd place our very green and flexible FROG, 2nd place a cute big sister unicorn, and 1st place was Elsa, from Frozen. Our overall best costume winner, of our spooky gold trophy, was Joy from Inside Out. All of our winners were thrilled with the ribbons, and the cool trophy was a hit!

GoodGrandma hopes to continue to have the annual family chili cook-off, and if the family will humor me, the costume party will become an annual event as well. Happy family traditions and Happy Halloween from GoodGrandma.com!

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