Spring is here, and the Easter holiday is upon us! Easter is a great time of year for family fun and family traditions. Some traditions have changed over the years, but we still love the memories they’ve created for each of our family members. Some of our family Easter traditions are as follows… Dying Easter Eggs: We loved using our Easter aprons made by Grandma Connie. She also made my girls Easter vests that now Grandma Connie’s great-granddaughters are wearing. I still remember when I was a little girl and my mom would decorate some of our eggs with hot wax and blow out the yolk from the raw egg. Her eggs where always so beautiful! Easter Egg Hunt: We throw dollars or coins in some of the plastic eggs they hunt. They seem to like that! 🙂 Also, I’ve seen some families that assign each child a certain color so they can only find their colors (helps to keep it even)! We have been to dozens of Easter egg hunts over the years. I know several grandmas who have egg hunts in their homes! This is a tradition I would like to start, and I would love some pointers on how best to make it fun for kids of all ages. Easter Dresses: Lauren & Raegan had matching Easter dresses last year. Lauren is in the situation where she is closer in age to the grandkids than her own siblings. It was fun for Lauren to have a chance to have someone to match with. I loved having my older kids in matching dresses for Easter Sunday services. Easter Crafts/Treats: See links below for the following GG IDEAS:

  • Rice Krispie Treat Nests
  • Jello Jiggler Eggs (This is always a hit with the kids. I now have three egg molds)
  • Easter Bunny Cake (We leave the cake undecorated and the Easter Bunny decorates it for us. I always like when the Easter Bunny makes it a brown chocolate bunny)
  • Bunny Washcloths (Also known as a BooBoo Bunny for those little boo-boos)

Easter Nests


Easter Bunny Cake

Boo-Boo Bunnies

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