Grandmas, are you in need of Thanksgiving decorations or a fun activity to do with the grandkids? Here’s a DIY turkey craft that’s easy as pumpkin-PIE, pinecone turkeys! GoodGrandma℠ thanks Live Craft Eat for the great IDEA, as well as for the turkey feather pattern! 🦃 

Pinecone Turkey Materials

To make it easier on me and the grandkids, I spent a little time making “Pinecone Turkey Kits.” I prepped all of the materials, then put each turkey kit in individual baggies. The kits made it trouble-free for the grandkids to assemble. For younger grandchildren, I suggest having the turkey’s face constructed for them. It’s tough for little fingers to glue the eyes and beak on; it can be tough for old fingers to do it too! 😂

Have fun, and make a memory! Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡👵🏼💡

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