Happy Dewey Decimal System Day! GoodGrandma℠ asked Niece Jen, a librarian, to tell us more about the Dewey Decimal System. Jen was very helpful in giving us instructions how to find books on grand-parenting if we didn’t modern technology or our wonderful librarians to help us! 🧡👵🏼💡📖

The Dewey Decimal System, developed in 1876 by librarian Melvil Dewey, classifies books by subject. Before this system, books were assigned permanent shelf locations and were usually organized by when they were published or purchased. Three numbers are assigned based on broad subjects, and decimal points are used to narrow subjects. The decimals also allow for new subjects to be introduced, which is important when new technology is created or new discoveries made.

For example, 306 is used for books on “social groups,” including family relationships. You can find books on grandparenting under 306.8745. Luckily, thanks to computers and librarians, we don’t need to memorize the system. To locate a book or a specific subject, use a library’s online catalog to search by title or keyword. Books will be organized in numerical order within the library.

Librarian Jen

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