Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about grocery shopping for the food to make our feasts. But first, we need to prep the refrigerator for the holidays. It’s a perfect day to clean out the fridge. It’s even a national holiday if you can believe that!

The home economists at Whirlpool Home Appliances created National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day in 1999 to encourage people to clean out their refrigerator in advance of the upcoming holidays.  At that time, the company even had a toll-free hotline that people could call into for cleaning tips.

National Day Calendar

In addition to cleaning and making room in the fridge for the holiday food, it’s also an excellent time to check expiration dates, sell-by dates, best by dates, and use-by dates. I don’t know about you and your adult kids, but when ours come to visit, they will get something from the fridge, and the first thing they do is check the expiration date. I’ve done the same at my parent’s home. It’s even become a humorous, fun-loving joke between my siblings and me. 🧀🥛🥓🥚🍞

WebMD has an article titled Do Food Expiration Dates Really Matter? It may be worth reading and educating your kids and grandkids. Perhaps we won’t waste as much food? Oh, and another helpful IDEA! For the items that “go bad” before you use them up, buy them in smaller units. Wholesale warehouses are great for some things, but not everything. 

Here are a IDEAS for cleaning the fridge:

  • Empty everything.
  • Wipe the inside of the fridge.
  • Wipe out the drawers and underneath them.
  • Throw away food gone bad. Check the “dates.”
  • Toss what you don’t use.
  • Vacuum the condenser coils.
  • Clean under the refrigerator.
  • Go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Enjoy your Fresh Refrigerator.

Additional help can be found at Maid For You in their article, Deep Clean Your Fridge with These Simple Steps.

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