Please say hello to Grandma Connie, our GoodGrandma℠ Spotlight! Connie is mother to five and grandma to 25 grandchildren. When Grandma Connie became a grandma, she was not exactly thrilled about the new adventure. However, she learned how much fun it is and quickly. Between the oldest and youngest 25 grandchildren is only 16 years. She calls it “crazy fun” when they get together. 🧡

Grandma Connie loves spending time with her grandchildren. So much, she has taken up some of their interests as her new hobbies. For instance, two of her grandsons love to play golf. Playing golf was a way to spend time with them even though, in the beginning, she didn’t care much for the game. Then one day, Grandma Connie witnessed a player hit a hole in one at a PGA tournament. In addition to this fantastic event, she mentioned how much she loved how the men in the PGA are gentlemen. Although there are a couple of stinkers, most are willing to autograph stuff for the kids. These events sealed the deal for her love of the game. She has now been playing golf for years. Side Note: Ollie Schniederjans is one of Grandma Connie’s favorite PGA players. She had the opportunity to take several selfies with him! ⛳️

Grandma Connie has some amazing IDEAS we want to share!

  • BE PREPARED ~ Grandma Connie is an excellent example of arranging supplies. Not only does she give food and equipment as gifts, but she has the grandkids assist in putting items together.
  • FAMILY MOTTO ~ What a fabulous IDEA?! I want to adopt this an IDEA for my family.
  • FAMILY REUNIONS ~ GAMES!!! Minute to Win It games and prizes. Again, she has the older grandkids help. They run the games for the younger grandchildren. She hosts memorable family gatherings.
  • GRANDMA’S LIBRARY ~ Grandma Connie has a library with index cards allowing the grandkids to check out her books.
  • HOLIDAY TRADITIONS ~ Grandma Connie shared so many traditions with me. One that stood out was their night before Thanksgiving gathering. Grandma Connie hosts a “Pie Night.” How fun is that? Dessert the night before their feast!
  • MONTHLY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS ~ Once a month, the family congregates to celebrate birthdays, as well as have a family lesson. Grandma Connie wants to teach her posterity to be sentimental, as well as patriotic. Her experiences are ones that help to bond the family.
  • SOUVENIRS ~ Being sentimental, Grandma Connie likes to bring the grandkids rocks from their trips. They brought back a stone from Rome and rocks from Washington Monument. She also has dinosaur gizzard stones from Wyoming, where her mom grew up.

Thank you, Grandma Connie, for sharing your fabulous IDEAS! You have so many incredible traditions and helpful advice. For future grandmas, she suggests to enjoy the ride and savor every minute you have with your grandchildren. 👵🏻🧡💡

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