Need a simple IDEA for our faraway grandkids? Nana Bethany, a GoodGrandma spotlight, inspired this GoodGrandma℠ IDEA! GoodGrandma calls it “Treat Bag!” It’s a lunch sack with surprises and treats. First, I write their name on the bag. I try to add an educational twist to it by just writing their initials, birthdate, middle name, or draw pictures of the amount they are old. Then, I add a fruit snack, granola bar, and maybe a couple of kid-friendly candies, but nothing that will melt if traveling more than 20 minutes away.

Next, this is the best part! When shopping at Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. I check out the party supplies. I find party favors, such as toys, trinkets, stickers, crafts, or tattoos. Because they come in sets, I can get more for my money, and with 19+ grandkids it’s important to stretch a buck. Oh, and if the set is a craft, I separate them into individual baggies and copy the picture so the kiddos know what the finished product is supposed to look like. And, I will throw in a magnet if so the finished craftwork can easily be displayed on the fridge.

These “Treat Bags” make their way to grandkids by mail, friends traveling near family, or personally delivered. Some of the grandkids’ mommies save the bags for a “rainy day” or as a way to redirect an off day. How and when they get to the grandkids doesn’t matter so much, but that my grandkids know I am thinking of them and love them, that’s the best part!

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