GoodGrandma℠ was recently featured on The Grand Life Podcast. The topic: Pets, Grands, and Grand-pets. We want to thank Emily Morgan and her husband, Mike, for reaching out to us. It was fun to speak with them in regards to our Furry Grands. We encourage all grandparents to take a moment and to listen to The Grand Life Podcasts.

The Grand Life Podcast

Grandparenting may be just about the best thing ever. Author Emily Morgan hosts an exploration of grandparenting, the relationships within the role, and the ways in which our grandparenting impacts our children–and their children. “The Grand Life” will help you evolve as a grandparent, pass on your passions, and choose a work of art or music to share with your grands.

The Grand Life Podcast

Pets, Grands, and Grand-pets

Grandkids and grandpets–what could go wrong? It seems to depend on humanity. Some animals get treated like people. Some people don’t like animals. Other people prioritize their animals over their relatives. There can be many kinds of conflict, and most are avoidable through just a few guiding principles. Emily talks with a grandmother who loves animals, a mom whose pet is not so cool about the grandpets who visit, and an animal behaviorist with observations and advice. In The Stretch It Takes, Emily confesses an important truth about the animals in her life.

The Grand Life Podcast


GoodGrandma ~ Furry Grands

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