GoodGrandma℠ had the opportunity to be interviewed on The Adventures with Grammy Podcast. Carolyn Berry is the author and podcast host. Carolyn is a grandma and a retired high school teacher. She knows firsthand the importance of helping create a vision for our grandchildren’s future. Each podcast features a different guest, segments on literacy, and Adventures with Grammy!

“The Adventures with Grammy Podcast aims to help grandparents answer three important questions:

1. How do I ensure a special place in my grandchild’s heart?

2. What can I do or where can I take my grandchildren that are budget-friendly, fun, and educational for all of us?

3.How can I ensure the time we share will become long-lasting memories my grandchildren will cherish forever?”

Adventures with Grammy Podcast

GoodGrandma was thrilled to visit with Grammy! We did have my interview for Carolyn’s podcast and then continued to visit. We discussed the role we play in our grandchildren’s lives, the impact for good, the importance of education, connections to the past, creating a bond, and having long-lasting memories with our posterity. Not only did GoodGrandma have the opportunity to be interviewed, but Grandma Joi, a past GoodGrandma Spotlight, was interviewed. Carolyn’s podcast, Episode 15 Grandma Joi shares Words of Wisdom, we hear firsthand from Grandma Joi about her IDEAS and adventures in grand-parenting. Here’s a good IDEA! GoodGrandma strongly encourages all grandparents to visit Grammy’s website and check out her podcasts!

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