GoodGrandma℠ loves her grandkids to the moon and back, and GoodGrandma loves her Furry Grands. Pets bring us joy and become part of the family. In February 2021, four of our grandkids lost their dog, Boston, of eleven years. Two months later, four other grandkids said farewell to their dog, Bristol, also of eleven years. Then this past August Todd’s dog, Rusty, passed away. Rusty was Todd’s loyal and loving companion.

Rusty was a good boy! He would to to work with Todd each day. He greeted all the customers and enjoyed being with Todd. He was loyal, kind, and loving, especially to Todd. Rich and I sent Todd a Pet Memorial Picture Frame from Amazon to remember Rusty. Todd can display a picture of Rusty in the frame. We love you, Rusty. You will be deeply missed!

As I was working on this post about Rusty, Michael’s golden retriever, Winnie, passed away. She was the sweetest girl. She was a loyal companion to Michael and a dear friend to the rest of the family. The timing of this post has been a difficult one. It’s never easy losing a family pet, and this past year has been one we have mourned the loss of four wonderful family dogs, and four of our Furry Grands.

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