This past summer GoodGrandma℠ held a Grandma’s Camp for two cute five-year-olds, Willow and Raegan (almost five)! It was a fairy tale themed camp. We had princesses, trolls, unicorns, and classic fairy tale stories. The Original GoodGrandma, Grandma Connie, designed princess pillowcases and canvas totes for their camp treasures. We had three days of fairy tale fun; which the girls wrote about in their fairy tale journals.

Grandma’s Camp ~ Day One

  • Princess & The Frog at Get Air Hangtime: We started with a trip to a trampoline location.
  • Measuring Rapunzel’s Hair: Each girl was given their own ruler to keep, as well as several braids of yarn to practice measuring.
  • Troll Treats: Snack mix IDEA from On My Kids Plate.
  • Troll Craft: Poppy Popsicle Stick IDEA from Craft Create Cook.
  • Troll Pajamas: Purchased from Walmart. When they arrived I realized they were too small for the girls. I went to return them, but Walmart’s response was to keep them. I ordered the correct size and gave both the girls little sisters the pjs that were too small. Romi and Whitney loved them!
  • Troll Headbands: Purchased from Etsy with Lisa’s Cute Events.

Grandma’s Camp ~ Day Two

  • Trip to Museum of Natural Curiosity: The day started with at trip to the local children’s museum. Can I just say, I love the one on one or small group playdates with my grandchildren. I love seeing their individual personalities and making memories with each of them.
  • Jack & the Beanstalk ABC’s: My dear friend, who owns an egg farm, gave me large empty egg cartons. I put stickers A through Z in the carton. I used lima beans to put both uppercase and lowercase letters on them. They had to match the beans to the letters.
  • Princess & The Pea Patterns: I read this story to the princesses before we made patterns with fluffy pipe cleaners. The girls had a green gem as the pea and several colors of pipe cleaners to make mattress patterns.
  • Unicorn Shirts: Purchased from Target. Matching shirts for our trip to the museum.
  • Unicorn Treats: Unicorn popcorn IDEA from Partylicious.
  • Unicorn Crafts: Magical unicorn stones IDEA from Mas & Pas The Parenting Network.
  • Unicorn Stickers: Purchased from Amazon for the girls to create their own magical unicorns.

Grandma’s Camp ~ Day Three

  • Build a Princess Castle: This was the highlight of the camp. We spent over two hours making a castle. I had boxes, paper, stickers, gems, markers, gold cups, tape, glue, etc. I assisted, but Willow and Raegan created the coolest castle.
  • Little Red Riding Hood ABC Walk: We had a basket and paper plates from A to Z. I made a trail for the girls to follow. We did this a couple of times. It was good practice for my pre-kindergarteners.
  • Mermaid Craft: Under the sea mermaid wand IDEA from That Kids’ Craft Site.
  • Mermaid Treats: Mermaid pretzel tails IDEA from Ever After in The Woods.
  • Swimming with families: The finale of the camp was swimming with the two families. Both mommies, Jenny and Courtney, have three girls. It was a princess party at the pool.
  • Unicorn Photo Album: I printed photos from our camp and gave the girls their own unicorn photo album to remember our time together. The photo albums were purchased from Etsy and Personalized A2Z.

Fairy Tale camp was awesome! I just hope the girls had as much fun as I did! For other Grandma’s Camp IDEAS, please visit our website! 👵🏻🧡💡

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