Grandmas!!! We have an amazing GoodGrandma℠ spotlight! Ann is mother to three and grandmother, Nannie, to seven, ranging from six months to ten years old. When Nannie Ann learned she was going to be a grandma, she was so elated! She is so proud of her children for having the courage to become parents!

Nannie Ann has a sweet tradition. She purchases a Book of Mormon for each grandchild. As she reads each new book, she marks and writes notes to a grandchild she has in mind. When they are eight-years-old, she gives them their own Book of Mormon with notes from Nannie. 🧡

Nannie Ann has lots of fun IDEAS for holiday traditions. Easter is a sacred holiday, but Nannie Ann has lots of Easter egg hunts in the house weeks before and after Easter. The grandkids love this! For Halloween, Nannie Ann has an annual party with all the cousins. Thanksgiving is always a traditional turkey dinner, but they also have sushi, wontons, and Auntie Susanna’s shrimp and tofu. For Christmas Eve, Nannie Ann’s family celebrates with great-great-grandma Larue’s dumpling soup. And, get this, Nannie Ann MAKES Christmas pajamas for everyone! When it comes to birthdays, Nannie Ann hangs a birthday banner and decorates with lots and lots of balloons! 🎈She also has a special Happy Birthday tablecloth, but with her kids scattered far and wide, she doesn’t always get to do this for them. 😔

Nannie Ann doesn’t have any special or favorite books; she will read any and all books to her grandkids. Some of her grandkids are super readers and always have their nose in a book! As far as games, Nannie Ann’s grandkids love to do puzzles, difficult ones! When it comes to discipline, Nannie Ann isn’t very strict. She was strict as Mom, but as Nannie, she’s a pushover. 😂

Nannie Ann talks to her far-away grandkids on the phone a lot; they FaceTime almost every day. She tries to go to their homes and spend time with them, or they come to her home as often as possible. They recently took a boating trip as an entire family. It’s was lot of work, but super fun!

When asked how she would like to be remembered by her grandkids, her response was simple.

“I put God first. My life is about doing His work and seeing His hand in my life. I want my grandchildren to remember I love them unconditionally. I want them to cherish their family – immediate and extended.”

Nannie Ann

Thank you, Nannie Ann, for allowing us to spotlight you. You are a remarkable person and a GoodGrandma! We love you!

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