Say hello to Grandma Nana Nana. Grandma Deanna is a Nana to three adorable grandkids, with one more on the way. Nana Deanna’s name came about because of her oldest grandson, age 3, who lovingly calls her Nana Nana.

Nana Nana is mother to three children, and she was very excited when she become a grandma! Nana Nana is a Tech Savvy Grandma with her grandchildren who live in different states. Each day she talks with the older two via FaceTime. While they eat lunch, her daughters prop up their phones, so Nana Nana and grandkids can see each other, and then they eat lunch and visit. It’s a tradition the grandkids, and Nana Nana look forward to!

Gift-giving IDEAS! Nana Nana loves sending holiday-themed boxes to her grandkids, which frequently include a new pair of pajamas from Hanna Andersson, her favorite. As far birthdays, even though they live out of state, she and Umpa (Grandpa) have been able to visit them in their own homes to celebrate.

When it comes to story-time, her three-year-old grandson loves the P.B. Bear books. Nana Nana used to read to his mom when she was little. And, granddaughter, age two, is all about books to sing along to; Wheels On the Bus, Old MacDonald, Frozen, and Moana.

If discipline is needed when Nana Nana is around, she is quick to divert their attention. However, because she does not live near grandkids, Nana Nana considers herself a YES person in the lives of her grandkids. She loves being able to FaceTime, read books, sings songs, and play games with her grandchildren. When together, Nana Nana plans a memorable adventure with her grandchildren. Grandma Deanna, Nana Deanna, or Nana Nana, no matter the name, she hopes her grandkids remember her as a fun Nana. πŸ‘΅πŸ»πŸ§‘πŸ’‘

Thank you, Nana Nana, for giving us the opportunity to Spotlight you! You are truly a GoodGrandma!

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