Grandmas, put your hands together for Grandma Susan. Susan is mother to four and grandma to one adorable little two year old! When Susan learned she was going to be a grandma, she was so excited!

Grandma Susan’s granddaughter lives far away. So, Susan likes to mail packages for holidays and her birthday. Susan loves celebrating holidays with her own children and would like to continue their fun traditions. The first gift to her granddaughter, Penny, was a personalized blanket. Holiday packages include a book, an outfit, and lots of treats. Grandma Susan has a fun Christmas ornament tradition. On her own tree is an ornament with a picture of her granddaughter. Grandma Susan will add more ornaments as more grandchildren join their family. Good IDEA, Susan. GoodGrandma℠ also has an ornament tradition!

Other holiday traditions Grandma Susan plans to continue include: personalized stockings for everyone (the adults have plain stockings, but grandkids will have fancy stockings); matching Christmas jammies for Christmas morning; Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day outfits; a Halloween dessert table; and family dinner table settings for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

For Penny’s second birthday, they FaceTimed in the morning and opened presents. Later that night, they FaceTimed again to sing happy birthday and watch Penny eat her birthday cake. Another tradition Susan had with her own children was celebrating their half birthdays. She hasn’t started this with Penny yet, but hopes to start next year. The reason she didn’t start was because they were quarantined. However, Penny’s dad did bring home a huge balloon. So, they did have a little celebration for Penny’s half birthday.

Grandma Susan loves children’s books so much; they bring her great joy. She definitely wants to share her love for reading with her granddaughter. Here are a few of Grandma Susan’s favorite authors of children’s books: Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Max Lucado, Mo Willems, Paulette Bourgeois, Jan Brett, Bill Martin Jr., and Robert Munsch.

With Grandma Susan’s granddaughter living so far away, FaceTime is a blessing. When COVID restrictions are lifted, she wants to visit often. However, back in March, her son and his family came to grandma’s for what was to be a four-day visit. While visiting, everything shut down due to COVID. Fortunately, Susan’s son was able to work remotely, and they stayed for five months. Susan was grateful for the time together. It wasn’t always easy. Grandma Susan wants to be a fun grandma and leave the disciplining to the parents. But, it was definitely a positive experience with great memories.

Grandma Susan would like her granddaughter, and future grandchildren, to remember she loves them, and her home is a place filled with joy and happiness. Her grandchildren can walk through her door, feel safe and secure, and know it’s a place of refuge.

Grandma Susan, thank you for allowing us to spotlight you; you are a GoodGrandma!

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