Say hello to Grandma Lisa! Lisa is mother to three and grandma to six. When Lisa learned she was going to be a grandma, she was “OVER THE MOON!”

Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Eddie have lots of fun family activities with their grandkids. As well as some pretty awesome holiday traditions. One family favorite is a New Year’s Eve getaway. They rent a cabin for the entire crowd, play games, and eat lots of yummy food. Then, after the clock strikes midnight, the New Year’s Fairy pays a visit and leaves a gift in their shoes.

The 4th of July BBQ tradition includes with fireworks and a GIANT slip and slide. Everyone participates, even the adults! For Valentine’s Day and Halloween, Grandma Lisa and grandkids have cookie making gatherings. The cookie making tradition is one the grandkids look forward to. For the grandkid’s birthdays, Grandma Lisa makes a special dinner and a sleepover.

Grandma Lisa loves to read with her grandkids. One of their favorites is Grandma’s Feather Bed. The grandkids also like to play a game call 3 Buck Chuck with Grandma Lisa! When Grandma Lisa was asked about her role in disciplining her grandkids, her response was simple, “No discipline from me!” πŸ˜‚

Grandma Lisa wants to be remembered as a grandma who loves her grandchildren unconditionally!!! πŸ§‘

Thank you, Grandma Lisa, for allowing us to spotlight you! And, thank you for your GOOD IDEAS! Your six grandkids are lucky to have such a GoodGrandma!

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