Grandmas, say hello to Ama! Ama Chris is mother to three and grandma to one adorable granddaughter, Ellie. When Ama Chris first found out she was going to be a grandma she didn’t feel ready or old enough, and she was definitely nervously excited!

Ama and Ellie love to bird watch together. In fact, every time Ellie comes to visit she helps Ama fill the bird feeders so they can watch the birds. Another activity they enjoy doing together is painting Ellie’s toes. Ama has been painting her little piggies every week since she was three days old! So cute!

No matter the holiday, Ama is ready for an activity with Ellie. They love going swimming together, doing slip and slide on hot summer days, taking long walks in the sunshine, and of course, bird watching. 🐦

For Ellie’s first birthday, Ama had a Baby Shark themed party ready to go, but unfortunately Ellie was sick and her party had to be postponed. When Ellie was feeling better, Ama was ready with crab croissant sandwiches, seashell macaroni salad, seaweed water, and baby shark cupcakes to celebrate with her little princess.

Ama and Ellie have a few favorite books they enjoy reading together. They love books! Ellie loves when Ama reads her Pat the Bunny, Pat the Zoo, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and The “B” Book. Their favorite game is hide and seek. Ama hides and Ellie tries to find her. Ellie loves when Ama jumps out and scares her. 😂 Ellie also loves to play patty-cake and monkeys jumping on the bed, but no one bumps their head.

Ellie lives over an hour away. So, they FaceTime a couple times a week. Most Saturdays Ellie visits to Ama’s house. Ama pays Ellie’s mom to clean her house. That way Ama gets to play with Ellie while mom is busy. Ama said, “I can clean my own house, but then I would miss out on my one-on-one grandma time (I don’t think Ellie’s mom has caught on yet)!” Great IDEA!

Ama would like to be remembered as a crazy and fun grandma, a grandma who ALWAYS loves to laugh. Ama hopes Ellie will remember all the fun things they did together. She would like her to remember how much she loves her, and even though at first she wasn’t ready to be a grandma, the moment Ellie was placed in her arms she knew Ellie was hers, and that they would always be close. Just like Chris was with her grandma and great grandma.   

Ama Chris tries to take all the things she’s learned from GoodGrandmas in her life and incorporate them into what she does as grandma. Chris’ grandparents raised her and she feels very fortunate to have had a wonderful relationship with them. Chris would like to have a strong relationship with her grandchildren as well.

“I feel it is very important to create a home where children and grandchild feel comfortable, a safe haven. It is also important to never undermine your children as they are learning to be good parents. Ellie’s mom is my daughter and I am there to be supportive as grandma.

Ama Chris’ additional IDEAS: Take lots and lots of photos and videos. One of my pastime favorite memories is watching home videos with family. You’ve go to preserve those memories, as kids grow way too fast.”

Ama Chris

Thank you, Ama Chris, for sharing your IDEAS! You are an amazing GoodGrandma! We love you!

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