Want to spotlight your WONDERFULGrandma or be spotlighted? Perhaps you’d like share your grand-parenting IDEAS as a GoodGrandma? This is the place for you! GoodGrandma℠ is for grandmas and grandpas to share information and stories, all with the purpose of becoming better grandparents. We are a whole new generation of tech-savvy grandmothers; okay, not as tech savvy as our grandchildren, but more so than the generation that came before us. We can use technology to become better grandparents. We can use it to keep track of our grandchildren and to make sure we are there for those special moments, to help nurture them and share life experiences like never before. We are passionate about grandparenting. We know there is no such thing as a perfect grandparent, but we want to have meaningful fun with our grandchildren and be “goodgrandparents.” Formerly, grandmothers talked over the back fence; now the back fence is the world!

Our mission at GoodGrandma is to Give Grandmas Good IDEAS! Ideas about:

  • Building strong relationships with our grandchildren
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays and holiday traditions
  • Travel
  • Children’s literature
  • Gift-giving
  • Making memories
  • Supporting our grandchildren’s parents

To share your grand-parenting IDEAS, log on to www.GoodGrandma.com, click on “Give IDEAS” then follow the prompts.

To be a GoodGrandma Spotlight, please answer the questions below and email the responses to colleen@goograndma.com, don’t forget to include photos of Grandma with the grandkiddos. We hope you’ll join the fun! 👵🏻🧡💡

GG Spotlight Questionnaire 

  • What is your Grandma name, what do the grandkids call you?
  • How many children did you have?
  • How many grandchildren do you have? What are their ages? Any great-grandchildren?
  • How did you feel when you first learned you were going to be a Grandma?
  • Do you have any traditions you do with your grandkids?
  • What do you do for the holidays with the grandkids?
  • What do you do for your grandchildren’s birthdays?
  • Do you have any favorite books you like to read with your grandkids?
  • Do you have any games you like to play with your grandchildren?
  • What is your role as a grandma when it comes to discipline? 
  • If your grandkids live far away, what do you do to strengthen your relationship?
  • What would you like your grandkids to remember about you?
  • Please share any other stories, thoughts, or IDEAS about being a GoodGrandma.

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