Hello sweet grandmas! Most of you are too young to have seen very many black and white movies, but one of my favorites is Harvey starring the wonderful Jimmy Stewart. Of the 100 movies, tv appearances, and movie shorts, Harvey was his favorite. In the movie, Harvey is a pooka. Ya! Really! A pooka exists in Irish mythology and is a mischievous goblin in the form of an animal. A big animal. In the movie, Harvey is a 6 foot 3 1/2 inch white rabbit. Now a pooka is tricky and is fond of causing good and bad, and usually attaches itself to some type of social outcast, and in the movie, that is Elwood P. Dowd, aka Jimmy Stewart. This movie reminds me of two Irish books by Tomie DePaola, who is one of my favorite author/illustrators. 

The first book is Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato. In this book, we learn that Jamie is the laziest man in Ireland, and his wife works very hard doing all the work until she hurts her back and has to go to bed.  t never occurs to Jamie to do the work! Heavens no! He believes he is going to starve. Very funny.

The sequel is Jamie O’Rourke and the Pooka. In this story, Jamie’s wife leaves him home alone for a week, so Jamie has to do the work. Still the laziest man imaginable, he is also very messy, and things go badly. Then a pooka arrives, and begins to do the housework! Yea! But, it’s unlikely that this good luck will last, because, you know…it’s a pooka.

Both of these books are cute, funny, and a little outrageous. I think your little grand-darlings will enjoy reading, and having you read to them, these Irish books. Geared for 4-8 years of age, and receiving 4-5 stars on Amazon, who sells them for around $7.00, if you would like to add them to your collection.

Luck of the Irish to you all! 🍀 Enjoy the month and your sweet grand-babies! ~ Grandma Judy

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