Recently, GoodGrandmaโ„  took a poll on the tradition mailing of Christmas cards. It’s a tradition we love, not only sending them out, but receiving them. We asked a few questions in the poll: Do you mail out Christmas cards? Do you email Christmas cards or post on social media? Is it a dying tradition? Is it a tradition worth keeping? GoodGrandma was pleasantly surprised by the response!

We learned it is a tradition many love and want to keep! Very few email or post their Christmas card on social media. As Papa Rich and I check the mailbox in December, we are thrilled to reconnect with old friends. Especially this year, with little to no contact.

GoodGrandma does have a few IDEAS when it comes to sending out Christmas cards. Here are “MUST HAVES” on all Christmas cards:

  • Full, legible, and current address
  • First and last names
  • The year on the card

A sweet young lady painted our family picture for 2020. Since we couldn’t be together, Annie painted us together. She’s a talented young artist. Check out her Instagram page, WaterColorByAnnie. Thank you, Annie! We love the painting!

Thanks to ColorQuick for designing and printing most of our past and present Christmas cards!

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