Grandma Colleen

Hi, I’m Grandma Colleen to my 5 grandchildren and 13 step-grandchildren. I love being a grandmother. I have always loved children. I’d rather play a game with a child than have an adult conversation. I love the sparkle in their eyes when they see something new. I love seeing them understand humor and laugh. It thrills me when I see the pure love with which they look at me. I love being the heroine, playmate, and friend. I love spending time with them sharing experiences and adventures. I love teaching them about the world around them and creating new games together. Being with my posterity is such a joy. What an opportunity it is to be a grandparent!

Scavenger Hunt IDEA 🔍

A few weeks ago, GoodGrandma℠ had birthday party for daughter Lauren. We had no intention of posting about the party, but made a big mistake! During the scavenger hunt, a cute grandma and grandpa stopped to inquire what we were doing. They liked our IDEA and wanted to do a scavenger hunt with their family. …

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