Staying Safe In the Summer

Can you believe it? It’s summertime already! Schools are closing and the pools are opening! GoodGrandma℠ is all about safety in the summer. We want to remind EVERYONE of two very important IDEAS of staying safe in the summer.

First, we are huge advocates for using SUNSCREEN! We even had sunscreen a GoodGrandma Approved product last year. Whether you use lotion sunscreen or aerosol sunscreen, stock up, use it, apply it, apply it again, and keep yourself and those cute grandkids safe from the sun! Our skin is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and must be protected. No one is immune to skin cancer. It can and will catch up with you, so be careful. For more information on UV rays, check out “What Is Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?” from American Cancer Society.

The second important summer safety IDEA is WATER SAFETY! GoodGrandma can’t stress enough several points in regards to water safety!

  • KEEP pool area secure.
  • NEVER swim alone.
  • STAY within an arms reach of new swimmers.
  • ALWAYS have a designated skilled swimmer watching swimmers.
  • TEACH water safety technics.
  • TAKE swimming lessons from a certified instructor.
  • REVIEW pool rules regularly.
  • GET CPR Training and Certification.

Smart Parent Advice has two articles we highly recommend for all parents and grandparents to read; “When Should Your Child Learn to Swim?” and “Great Ways to Teach Babies and Toddlers to Swim.” Accidents happen so quickly! Stay alert and attentive at all times! Stay SAFE, and have a fun summer! 🏊🏼‍♀️ 👵🏼💡🧡

Additional IDEAS tips on water safety can be found through Security Baron, Security Tips For The Swimming Pool.

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