GoodGranmda℠ had a post not too long ago about Raegan’s fish, Nemo. We then did a follow up post on how to properly care for a betta fish. Well, we have yet another post about our friendly fish Nemo. Uncle Brian heard of the situation and wanted to help Raegan. Brian had an extra fish tank with a filter and a home for Nemo. I went to visit Raegan and took her the equipment from Uncle Brian.

Brian has a large fish tank and was able to give Raegan his smaller tank. Brian has a crab and around a dozen fish. I was able to take some pictures of his fish during a recent visit. Brain uses a black light on the back of his tank to bring out the vibrant colors of the fish. I was impressed! I also didn’t realize that in addition to 11 dogs, one cat, and Nemo, Papa Rich and I have several additional non-furry grands residing with our son, Brian!

We love our Furry Grands and Not So Furry Grands. Pets are family too!

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