Welcome to this happy little place of books!  What a great time of year to read some interactive books with your grand babies. You know, the kind of books where you can get involved directly with them through reading and conversation. Where’s Waldo or the Big Book of Seek and Find are perfect examples, and are just right for your grandchildren who aren’t reading yet.

My all-time favorite is a book called Press Here. This little book had my pre-school, special needs, kindergarten and first graders thinking they were truly magic. This is  Herve Tullet best-selling picture book, and the main ingredient here is imagination!

On the first page, you are instructed to press on a yellow dot and then turn the page. The next page reveals two yellow dots on it. The next instruction is to press again on the yellow dot, and the next page has three yellow dots. Then you might be asked to rub gently on the dot, and see what happens next. Or tap on the dot. This excitement just grows and grows, until the pages are exploding with colored dots, and your grandkiddos will ask for this book again and again. When I became ill, our special needs students made me a book of Press Here to comfort and cheer me. It is very precious to me, just knowing that they loved that book so much! It is not only imaginative, but adventurous, dramatic and irresistible.

You might want to wander over the shelves at the library or browse the internet and check out other books by this same author. One is called Mix It Up where colors are mixed and changed. It’s great if you have budding artists, or if you just want to have fun with color. Another is Let’s Play and yet another is Zara Zoom which is a game book.

Enjoy, share and bond with those cuties of yours. Remember that old saying:  “Memory is an antidote for sadness.”  Thanks for stopping by!

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