GoodGrandma℠ would like to tell you a little bit about our sweet Sophie. Sophie is a talented and beautiful young lady with a heart of gold. She is the second child in her family and is a great help to her parents with her younger siblings and around the house. She likes to be active and loves doing projects and has loads of ideas for things to create. She takes dance classes and is on a dance company, plays soccer, and recently served on her school student government. Sophie is an outstanding young lady, and Papa Rich and I love her very much.

When Sophie was a toddler she accidentally fell off of a swing and she hit her head as she landed. As Sophie healed, her parents began to notice Sophie wasn’t always hearing everything going on around her. It was as if she wasn’t paying attention or was easily distracted. Her loving parents decided to take her to see a doctor who did series of tests. The doctor told her parents that the fall from the swing did NOT create any of the difficulties Sophie was having with her hearing. It was determined that it wasn’t from hitting her head, but that she was born with some hearing loss. While Sophie was a little girl, her parents continued to watch Sophie, and they tried to help her any way they could. Sophie then started school and sometimes struggled in class in understanding all of the instructions from the teachers. Her parents discussed getting her hearing aids and Sophie wasn’t happy with the idea and didn’t want to get them.

I have always had a love for American Sign Language and I took sign language classes even before graduating from high school. I earned an Associate Degree in Deaf Studies. Now, I am not an expert by any means, but I do have a basic understanding of hearing loss and deafness through the classes I took. When I joined the family, Sophie was eight years old. Sophie and I began talking about the topic of hearing loss. As time went by our relationship grew and our talks deepened. On a late July 4th evening, while walking hand in hand, we talked about hearing aids and how they might help her. We were walking behind a man with a cane to help guide him due to his poor eyesight. We discussed how people need assistance in a variety of ways to make a better way of life. Whether it’s a cane to guide you as you walk, glasses to help you see, medicine to level emotions, or hearing aids to hear; there are ways to help you when you need a little extra assistance. It was a conversation I will never forget. Sophie and I had a heart to heart discussion!

Early fall, just as school was starting, Sophie asked me to come to her audiologist appointment to have her hearing aids fitted. I was delighted she would ask me to come. Sophie was so brave in doing all the tests prior to the fitting, and I was so proud of her, especially because she made the decision to try the hearing aids. She was able to try out the hearing aids for 60 days, and then make a choice to keep them or return them. Sophie kept the hearing aids. She found they helped a lot in the classroom; she learned to dance with them and eventually didn’t need to tape them on. She loved the hearing aid Bluetooth feature of being able to play her music straight through her hearing aids! Way cool!

Sophie has had her hearing aids for almost a year now. She is very responsible taking care of them, changing the batteries, and using them. Papa Rich and I are so happy Sophie made the choice to get hearing aids to help her hear. If you were to meet Sophie, you would be amazed at her poise, confidence, strength, and determination. All characteristics of Sophie before hearing aids, but stronger than ever after getting them!

AND, we have to also do a major shout out to our sweetheart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIE! We hope your day is extra special. We love you!

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