One of the fun ways to relive memories with grandchildren is through photo albums or scrapbooks. GoodGrandma℠ has a whole shelf of them. Years ago, before instant photos, you would plan carefully which pictures you would take and save the 24 exposure film for the things you really wanted to keep. Of course there were always a few photos on the roll of film that would end up overexposed or with eyes closed or just didn’t work out at all and they didn’t make it in the photo album. It was a little disappointing when you didn’t get all the pictures you were hoping for, but it was still great to put a photo album together full of special occasions and events to keep forever.

I started doing albums like my mom. She too has several shelves of photo albums, all organized and ready for viewing. I spent a lot of time and money over the years developing pictures, purchasing photo albums, purchasing photo pages, and then sliding each of the pictures in the photo jackets for safe keeping. I now have nearly 40 albums of photos from the past 30 plus years. By having the photos organized, it has been helpful when needing to find pictures from the past for birthday celebrations, wedding videos, anniversaries, and it’s been an awesome way to remember when and where things happened. It’s a way to document events!

My daughters have also had a good time looking through the albums and recreating pictures from the past. As well as, teasing me and each other about their hair style and/or the clothes I dressed them in as a child.

In addition to family photo albums, I also made an album for each of my children. I tried to have an individual professional photo done each year and then add to their own album. Now that my kids are grown, except Lauren, and are out into the world, I can easily take a walk down memory lane and look through their albums and enjoy seeing each of them from birth to in their twenties. This was an easy way, for me, to “scrapbook” a book for each of my kids.

I have a project ahead of me, when I get some extra time. Ha ha! Papa Rich’s childhood pictures are in boxes. I would like to organize them for him. I am thinking it would be good to have the pictures in albums, as well as making a digital copy by scanning the photos. It’s a huge project for sure! Maybe I can make it happen and give it to him as a Christmas present?

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