GoodGrandma℠ recently took a couple of polls on Instagram. First, do you prefer homemade stuffing or stuffing from a box? Secondly, do you cook your stuffing in the turkey or a dish? The results were interesting. Box stuffing lovers liked their stuffing cooked in a dish. Those with a refined palate liked homemade stuffing but also cooked in a dish. 🍞🌿🥚🦃

Those making box stuffing, we have two IDEAS, Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Stuffing or Stove Top Savory Herb Stuffing. If you are making homemade stuffing, here’s a recipe classic stuffing recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Save yourself a step, cook the stuffing in a dish rather than in the turkey. Either way, you make your stuffing, GoodGrandma hopes you and your family have an enjoyable and memorable day with your family and friends. 🧡👵🏼💡

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