Reason to Celebrate ~ Strawberries

National Pick Strawberries Day

We love strawberries at GoodGrandma℠! It’s not a stretch for us to be excited to celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day! Our original GoodGrandma, Grandma Connie, has a strawberry jam recipe, it’s a “must have” in our home. If Jane’s husband, Weston, notices they have less then 20 jars of jam in the freezer, he starts leaving notes. Here’s a recent example:

Today’s Reason to Celebrate, to pick strawberries for strawberry jam! Or we may just eat the strawberries we pick, don’t care, either way! 🍓 It may be a little too early to find strawberries to pick in your own garden, so “pick” some up at your local grocers and CELEBRATE TODAY!

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