Reason to Celebrate ~ Scrabble

National Scrabble Day!

Oh my gosh! Scrabble is my most favorite game! I use to spend a lot summers at my grandmother’s house. Every night, after my mom and grandma finished their lists of chores, dinner was done, and everything was cleaned up, they would play a game of Scrabble. I fell in love with the game!

I play Scrabble with everyone; my family, my husband (our favorite is playing during football season on Sunday nights. We have a football game on in the background and play Scrabble), and every group of friends I have ever made. We always get together and play. I am not very good, but it’s just the perfect game of thinking and socializing. When the time comes, when I have lived and long and full life, I plan to have my headstone done in Scrabble tiles. That’s been my plan for quite some time! I love the game that much!

So, need a “Reason to Celebrate?” Go and celebrate today by playing at least one game of Scrabble. I plan to play in honor of Grandma Phyllis. She would be so happy! ~ Jane

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