Everyone loves a good hammock! Reading, napping, conversing, snuggling, or just chilling. It’s a lovely way to spend the afternoon. According to The History Channel,

Hammocks are thought to date back some 1,000 years to Central America, where the Maya and other indigenous peoples crafted them out of tree bark or plant fibers. Suspended beds prevented contact with the dirty ground and offered protection from snakes, rodents and other poisonous or simply pesky creatures. According to accounts by 16th-century explorers, people would place hot coals or kindle small fires under their hammocks to stay warm or ward off insects as they slumbered.


Lately, kids have been taking their hammocks to the mountains and “hammock-ing” together. Sounds a little naughty to me, but they assure us it’s all legit. If you need a Reason to Celebrate today, climb in a hammock with the grandkids and chill! 👵🏻🧡💡

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