National Best Friend Day!

Hello, friends! I hope your days since we last talked have been filled with fun and frolic with those grandchildren. Aren’t they the best? I know, I’m repeating myself, but I am hoping you will forgive me because we are FRIENDS! πŸ˜Š Good segue into books about FRIENDSHIP! Right?

I love books by Mo Willems. I think he must have way too much fun with his wonderful sense of humor and great insight into kids. He sure helps the kiddos who read his books have fun! His books gear toward preschool through kindergarten ages, but I think all kids laugh when they read them, and even adults. 

The first book by Mo Willems I ever read to children was Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. The kids loved to participate with this book, telling the Pigeon, “No!” 

Anyway, I digress yet again. In Mr. Willems’ book titled My Friend is Sad, Mr. Willems introduces us to Gerald, an elephant and with a rather serious type of personality. His best friend, Piggie, a fun-loving little friend. The book has simple illustrations, and speech bubbles are used to express dialogue. Kids love to read them out loud. Their expressions are hilarious! It could be fun to watch your grandkids when they read them aloud for the first time.

This story begins with Gerald sitting on the page looking very sad. Piggie says, “My friend is sad! I will make him happy!” Then Piggie disguises herself in various costumes, to make Gerald laugh. She dresses up as a clown, a cowboy, and a robot, but Gerald doesn’t recognize her. Although she is very entertaining, Gerald becomes even sadder because his best friend, Piggie, is not there to enjoy the whole thing with him. Finally, Piggie comes to understand a straightforward way of how to cheer up Gerald.

Guar-an-teed your grandchildren will love this book, and it’s ending. Hoping you will too! Thanks FRIENDS, for stopping by today! ~ Book Guru Grandma, Grandma Judy

  • Ages 4 to 8
  • Five Stars on Amazon
  • 64 fun-filled and entertaining pages
  • Full of emotions to make good friendships

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