Go Fish!

GoodGrandma℠ has a two for one IDEA! Go Fish! The first IDEA, make a memory this summer and take the grandkids on an outing to go fishing. Or, two, play Go Fish with the cutie pies! 🎣

Years ago, we made a memory that was almost a tragic one! Grandma Connie and Grandpa Bob took three of their granddaughters to a local fish hatchery to experience fishing. Paige was just shy of two years at the time. It was a hot summer day, and the water was still. The girls took turns fishing with Grandpa. As we were wrapping up, Paige bent over to pick up a rock to throw in the pond. Being too near to the edge of the water, and a little top heavy, she went head first into the water. Grandma was close by and jumped in to grab Paige. To our surprise, Grandma went all the way under the water, right at the water’s edge. I then ran and jumped in holding on to the embankment and wrapped my arm under Grandma’s arm and held on to her. It was a miracle and a blessing that Grandma was able to hook Paige with her foot and bring her up and out of the muddy fishy 15 feet deep straight down water!

We had no idea the water was so deep, fifteen feet straight down. Paige didn’t take in any water and didn’t even really realize what had happened. However, Grandma and I were shocked and upset about what happened and what could have happened! We were very fortunate to save Paige that day.

Our advice if you do go fishing, remember SAFETY FIRST! Be sure to know the area. Know the depth of the water. Discuss the rules with the grandkids about fishing. Don’t rush the experience. Allow for plenty of time to take turns. Although it was a memory which took a scary turn, it is still a memory. It was the day Grandma saved Paige! How grateful I am she jumped in the water to “catch” Paige. Pun intended. 😂

Second IDEA, a much safer IDEA, play Go Fish! Amazon has a six in one card game set for $6.99. The set includes Memory, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Matching, Slap Jack, and Go Fish. Hoyle Kids Cards makes the cards. Have fun fishing! 👵🏼🧡💡

Kids Card Games from HOYLE® are designed to nurture some of the most important skills and values parents want for their children: intelligence, fair play and fun. In fact, our team believes: “It’s fun first but there’s always room for a lesson.”


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