GoodGrandma℠ would like to give a big shout out to grandson Ayden! He is a remarkably talented dancer. He has been dancing since the age of three. Ayden doesn’t walk from point A to point B, he DANCES! He dances 24/7! He is a natural on the stage and an absolute joy to watch. Papa Rich and I even had the chance to see him perform today!

Ayden’s awards include the Velocity’s National Junior Male MVA, as well as the Hollywood Connection Regional Icon three times in a row! I recently asked Ayden about his love for dance.

My favorite style of dance is contemporary or old jazz. One of the best opportunities/experiences I’ve had in my dancing career was being able to tour around the country with Velocity Dance Convention. I meet lots of great dancers and choreographers. I loved working with and assisting Malece Miller, and helping her choreograph routines for other local studios! 

One of the worst experiences was the year I took 3rd place! I had put lots of work into the competition and didn’t place 1st. I felt like I should stop dancing! Instead, I didn’t quit dancing, I worked even harder, and my hard work paid off. The next year, I became the National Champion!


Papa and I couldn’t be more proud of the young man Ayden has become. Not only is he a great dancer, but he is smart and kind. We love you, Ayden! If you, too, would like to share a shout out about your grandchild, visit the Guest Grandma link on We would love to share your story!

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