When GoodGrandma℠ thinks of Crossword Puzzles we can’t help but think of Laura. She is a Crossword Puzzle Master. We asked her to share her love of the game.

I’m a nerd. 🤓 A crossword puzzle nerd. ✏️ My obsession began when my husband introduced me to the New York Times mini crossword puzzle in the NYT Crossword app. (My best time is :11!) Then my good friend who knows my love of puzzles (because her husband is a word nerd like me) bought me a subscription to the New York Times crossword puzzle and I began doing the bigger daily puzzles. That was about four years ago and now I rarely go a day without doing a crossword puzzle. I like to believe that it is my dementia insurance, my daily mental exercise. 🤞🏼

Here’s a funny crossword puzzle story that relates to the theme of this blog: One day I was sitting at the pool, doing a written crossword puzzle while my kids were doing swim team practice. A little girl came up to me and said, “Oh, I know those! My grandpa does those!” So I’m already preparing for grandparenthood. 😂

Crossword Puzzle Master
AKA Laura

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