Chocolate Pudding Day!

GoodGrandma℠ believes chocolate pudding isn’t just a yummy treat, but an excellent medium for art projects, especially finger-painting. According to Days of the Year, a site whose mission is to “Gather all the special holidays, moments and occasions from around the world that bring people together, and help everyone celebrate them with special events, helpful tips and heaps of fun,” gives this explanation to the history of pudding.

The history of puddings starts far back in the 17th century, when the first recipes for puddings appears. Back then puddings were made much different than the (classically thought of) pudding is today, and to make it clear we’re talking about dessert puddings not savory puddings, which are another topic entirely. Common ingredients were butter and flour, suet, cereals, and other ingredients which when they came together served to create more of a cake like result than the puddings we think of today. It’s also worth mentioning that they baked, steamed, even boiled into their final form.

Originally it was egg that provided the thickening agent that made a pudding into a type of custard, but the invention of a stable powder-form of egg-free custard mix really helped to bring the dessert pudding into the modern day. Chocolate pudding is of the type known as a creamy pudding, and is typically made of a combination of sugar, milk, and a thickening agent of one of broad range of things. Sometimes a gelatin was used, tapioca and cornstarch are popular, or even rice puddings.

Grandmas, here’s an IDEA, make the grandkids some CHOCOLATE PUDDING to eat, and then do some yummy finger-painting!

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