You either LOVE them or HATE them…CANDY CORN! There is no in-between! According to Candy Favorites, George Renniger created the little tri-color candy, an employee of the Wunderlee Candy Company in Philadelphia. 🧡⭐️⚪️

While Wunderlee is credited with being the first to sell commercially, the sale and production of candy corn is mostly attributed to Goelitz Confectionary Company. The candy corn business was started by the second generation of Goelitz candy makers in 1898. It kept the company afloat through the Great Depression and WWI and II. You may not have heard of Goelitz before. That’s because they changed their name to Jelly Belly.

The Surprising History of Candy Corn by Jessica Prokop

The recipe for candy corn was simple: sugar, corn syrup, water, and other ingredients were put into massive kettles that could hold up to 45lbs of the mixture. It was cooked into a slurry and, once well blended, marshmallow and fondant were added to the kettles. This served to smooth out the texture and make the candy soft to the bite. The mixture was poured into buckets called “runners” and workers called “stringers” would walk backwards while they poured the mixture into large kernel-shaped, cornstarch molds. The workers passed over with the buckets three times, each time with a different color: white, orange, and yellow. Fun fact: candy corn is made from bottom to top. The yellow bit is the top and the white is the bottom.

The Surprising History of Candy Corn by Jessica Prokop

Well, I guess GoodGrandma℠ has had the candy corn upside-down for years! Who knew the white was the bottom of the candy?! Another fun fact, the white (the bottom of the candy corn) makes for great vampire teeth. Give it a try with the grandkids, and make a memory. 👵🏻🧡💡

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