You know what warms a Grandma’s heart almost as much as seeing her grandchildren playing? Seeing her grandkids having fun with their aunts and uncles. It’s been said it takes a village to raise a child. Who better to help raise kids than family members? GoodGrandma℠ celebrates aunts and uncles!

GoodGrandma spotlighted an amazing aunt, Aunt Catherine. She is an important part of her nieces and nephews lives. Catherine feels children need, first and foremost, mom and dad. But, she also believes that love can come from many different places. It can come from a Mom or Grandma, Dad or Grandpa, as well as, Aunt, Sister, Uncle, Brother, Friend, Neighbor, or Teacher. Everyone needs people to love them!

Our 18 grandchildren range from the age of 8 months to 16 years. With so many grandchildren, and a wide variety of ages, Papa Rich and I are grateful for the positive influence of their aunts and uncles. Whether they are caring for them, attending recitals, going on hikes, cheering them on at games, giving counsel or adivising, taking them on dates, or just being their friend, we love our grandkids aunts and uncles. Thank you, to our children and their spouses, for loving their nieces and nephews.

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