Supporting Your Child as They Parent

GG Parenting Series would like to discuss your role as a parent of a parent. You are now the grandparent, no longer parenting children. What is the best way to be a parent for your child as they parent? GoodGrandma℠ has a few suggestions.

  1. Be Positive & Supportive: Encourage your adult children. You’re their biggest fan; cheer them on. Point out their successes, especially if they don’t have accolades from their place of employment. Compliment them in front of their children. Your example will have a positive influence on your grandchildren. 
  2. Communicate & Stay Connected: Find the best time to talk with your children. Calling to visit as they are running around getting dinner on and helping with homework probably isn’t the best time to talk. If you’re not sure when to call, just ask. 
  3. Offer Advice When Asked: Perhaps the best advice when it comes to offering advice to adult children is to do more listening than talking. It’s natural to want to fix a problem or help a child find a solution. Restrain yourself from giving input unless you are asked.
  4. Don’t Judge or Take Offense: Perhaps you were asked your opinion on something and then the adult child did the opposite of what you suggested. Don’t take offense. You were heard, but they are independent and make their own choices. Try to be patient as they learn from their choices. Who knows, maybe their plan was the best solution for them.
  5. Love Unconditionally: Most importantly, love your children. Accept them and love them for their successes and failures. Notice their strengths and encourage them. Provide aid and buoy them up in time of difficulties. Your love will help them and spill over and affect your grandchildren.

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